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What is the material of the car brake shoe?


What is the material of the car brake shoe

Under normal circumstances, the brake shoes of automobiles are all semi-metallic products. The brake shoes of automobiles are semi-metallic products, some containing copper and some containing iron. Automobile brake shoes, also called automobile brake pads, refer to the friction material fixed on the brake drum or brake disc that rotates with the wheel. Friction linings and friction pads are subjected to external pressure to generate friction and achieve the purpose of decelerating the vehicle. The following is how to replace the brake pads: 1. Before replacing the brake pads, you should open the cover of the brake fluid storage tank in the engine compartment and check the height of the brake fluid page. If the brake fluid page is above the maximum limit, suck out some brake fluid to prevent the brake fluid from overflowing during the replacement process; 2. Prepare the brake pads to be replaced and remove the wheel where the brake is located. Avoid scratching the rim during disassembly; 3. Remove the bolts of the brake caliper with a wrench and a sleeve, and then remove the brake pads (if there is a brake sensor line, remove the brake sensor line first). Observe whether the brake pads are excessively worn or cracked, and if so, replace them in the next step; 4. Since there will be a lot of sand or dirt in the brake calipers, wipe them off with a rag, and then apply sound-absorbing paste to prevent them from being damaged when braking. 5. Use the piston pressure pump to press the piston to the position where it cannot move, and then install the brake pads on the brake caliper. After the new brake pads are installed in place (if there is a brake sensor line), tighten the guide bolts to complete the installation; 6. After installation, cover the liquid storage tank cover, step on the brake pedal several times, and then reset the brake. Then observe the height of the brake fluid, which should be within the appropriate height range; 7. Test it after changing it to see if the braking effect is reflected. The brake shoes of the car are semi-metal products.


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