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The accurate selection of Water Chiller needs to meet six conditions


There are many kinds of refrigeration equipment in daily use, but Water Chiller has a relatively wide range of applications, it can control the temperature within a specific range, and the cooling effect is stable, suitable for all industries.

Demand for Water Chiller varies by industry. When selecting Water Chiller, we can select water Chiller according to the following six elements.

Condition 1. Temperature range

When selecting Water Chiller, the first consideration should be given to the factory's temperature requirements. The temperature of making Water Chiller is very important to the selection and system composition. For example, the Water Chiller used for air conditioning and the Water Chiller used for cryogenic engineering are often fundamentally different.

Condition 2. refrigeration and single cooling capacity

The cooling capacity of Water Chiller is directly related to the energy consumption and operation economic effect of the whole unit, which is worth paying attention to. Especially in the design of cold station, in general, there is no single Water Chiller, which is mainly to consider that when a Water Chiller breaks down or stops for maintenance, it will not stop production, but should be combined with the production situation, select a reasonable number of units.

Condition 3. Energy consumption

Energy consumption refers to electricity consumption and steam consumption. Especially when choosing large Water Chiller, should take into account the comprehensive utilization of energy, because large Water Chiller is a large energy consumption equipment, so for the cooling of large refrigeration station, should take full account of the comprehensive utilization and balance of electricity, heat, cold, especially pay attention to the full use of waste steam, waste heat, In order to achieve the best economic results.

Condition 4. Environmental protection

When choosing Water Chiller, we must take into account the environmental protection issues, to facilitate the requirements of production, scientific research and life. For example, the following should be considered: Water Chiller running noise, noise value increases and decreases with the size of the Water Chiller; Some Water Chiller refrigerants are toxic, irritating, combustible and explosive; Some refrigerants will destroy the ozone layer in the atmosphere, to a certain extent, will bring disaster to human beings.

Condition 5. Vibration

Water Chiller will vibrate during operation, but the frequency and amplitude vary greatly depending on the type of unit. If there are anti-vibration requirements, should choose small amplitude Water Chiller, or Water Chiller foundation and pipeline vibration reduction treatment.

Condition 6. the water quality of cooling water

The quality of cooling Water has a great impact on the heat exchanger, and its role in endangering the equipment is scaling and corrosion, which will not only affect the reduction of the Water Chiller cooling capacity, but also lead to the blockage and damage of the heat exchange tube.


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