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What are the parts of the cleaning room of the shot blasting machine?


When it comes to the shot blasting machine, some factory staff should be very familiar with it, because it is accompanied by a common machine with their work, through it can make the steel surface more clean, more smooth, can extend the service life of the original steel, and one of its main parts is its cleaning room, Let's take a look at the elements that make up the cleaning room:

Through the shot blasting machine cleaning engine pipe joint oil leakage. Pipe joints include two types: cone joints and hollow bolt joints. The conical joint comprises two ends of the pressure gauge, one end of the gasoline pipe, two ends of the high pressure oil pipe and a pipe joint from the crude fuel filter to the oil pump. If the high pressure tubing joint through the Shot Blast Machine engine is worn, deformed, or cracked, it can be sawed off and replaced with a good joint for welding. If the low pressure tubing joint is damaged, the flare can be sawed off and manufactured from scratch. If the thread is damaged, it should be replaced or replaced with new parts. Hollow bolted pipe joints contain crude fuel oil. Fine filter and fuel injection pump low pressure pipeline connected to the first.

If the gasket is damaged or the equipment is not uniform, you can replace it with plastic gasket, or use a brocade file to smooth, you can also use sandpaper to smooth, serious can use a milling machine to smooth. If there are tensile marks on the surface of the joint equipment, you can use fine sandpaper or oil stone to level the surface and gasket of the joint equipment; If there are impurities on the mating surface, pay attention to the cleaning of the body when the equipment is used, and the fastening bolts of the joint should be tightened evenly.

1. The welding structure of large cavity plate and box group adopts wear-resistant protection plate, which is mostly cleaned in this space.

2. The use of wear-resistant protective plate has the function of protecting the cleaning room, so that the internal parts do not wear, so that the machine can be used for a longer time.

3. In this space, the projectile rebound function after cleaning is used, so that the projectile can effectively hit the wire surface, fully improve the cleaning quality and cleaning efficiency of components.

4. This cleaning room is also equipped with a very large maintenance door, which makes it easier to repair or replace components. For safety, an interlock switch was installed when the pass-through Shot Blast Machine was designed to make it impossible for people to turn on the Shot Blast Machine when entering the cleaning room for maintenance.

5. The wear-resistant protection plate is connected with nuts and bolts, and the bolts are also designed with wear-resistant cover column, which not only makes the nuts and bolts more durable, but also makes it very convenient to remove the components.


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