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What does Cat Litter Box do?


What does Cat Litter Box do?

The Cat Litter Box is mainly used as an object to bury cat litter and urine. The most important development in Cat culture is the use of Cat Litter Box. In the early days, Cat 

Litter Box was mainly non-curdling Cat Litter Box for Litter storage, but with the development of Cat Litter Box technology, People are not limited to storage so simple, so the 

emergence of the present condensed sand, wood sand, crystal sand, bentonite sand and so on.

What are the categories of Cat Litter Box?

1, according to the characteristics of division

Cat Litter Box: It is composed mainly of bentonite clay. It will form a Litter Box after being absorbed into urine or feces. It can be easily cleaned with Cat Litter Box shovel.

Non-clump Cat Litter Box: Non-clump Cat Litter Box will not clump urine. It can be scooped out after the cat has defecated. It needs to be replaced altogether after use.

2. Divide by raw materials

Organic Cat Litter Box: Organic Cat Litter Box mainly includes sawdust Cat Litter Box, paper Cat Litter Box, bamboo sand, grass sand, grain sand, etc.

Inorganic Cat Litter Box: Inorganic Cat Litter Box mainly includes bentonite Cat Litter Box, crystal Cat Litter Box, zeolite Cat Litter Box, etc.

How to use Cat Litter Box

1. Line the clean Litter Box with a layer of Cat Litter Box about 1.5 inches thick.

2. Clean up the garbage generated after use regularly to keep it clean.

3. If there are multiple cats, the cycle for replacing the Cat Litter Box can be shortened proportionally, rather than placing more Cat Litter Box in the Box.

4. Remove the saturated Cat Litter Box from the box with a spoon in time.

5. Keep the Cat Litter Box or Cat Litter Box in a clean, moisture-free place to extend its life.


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