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What kind of fabric is waterproof kids apron made of


It is better for aprons used in daily life to be waterproof. After all, whether it is cooking or housework cleaning, it is easy to be stained with water stains. Waterproof kids aprons can better protect clothes. There are two main types of fabric materials for waterproof kids aprons. One is made of waterproof fabric, and the other is made of ordinary fabric with a waterproof layer. Relatively speaking, the waterproof kids apron made of waterproof fabric has better waterproof effect. Waterproof kids aprons are very waterproof, but cleaning is a bit more troublesome. Let's learn how to wash waterproof kids aprons.

Waterproof kids apron made of waterproof fabric

There are two commonly used waterproof fabrics for making waterproof kids aprons, namely PVC waterproof fabric and Oxford cloth. Relatively speaking, PVC waterproof fabric has better waterproof performance, while Oxford cloth waterproof kids apron is more comfortable to wear because of its breathability. better.

Made of ordinary fabrics with a waterproof layer added

In addition to waterproof aprons made of waterproof fabrics, there are also aprons made from ordinary aprons for cost reasons, but with a waterproof layer added. This kind of apron also has certain waterproof properties, that is, a waterproof layer design is added to the ordinary apron. . The fabrics of ordinary aprons generally include natural fiber materials, chemical fiber materials, man-made fiber materials and synthetic fiber materials, including cotton, silk, polyester, plastic cloth, etc.

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