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How should nteractive Whiteboard be used? What are the main features of Interactive Whiteboard?


How does Interactive Whiteboard work


1. First of all, Interactive Whiteboard needs to be used together with projector and computer.

2. After the physical connection between the devices is completed, the Interactive Whiteboard program needs to be installed on the computer for positioning and calibration 

operation. The Interactive Whiteboard is equivalent to a large touch screen.

3. Interactive Whiteboard has special operating software, which can realize PPT import, comment, edit, save and other operations, please refer to the software description.

4, According to different induction technology, the way to realize the touch screen operation is different. Electromagnetic needs special electromagnetic pen to press operation, pressure sense does not need special pen to press operation directly, infrared and other opaque objects can realize the touch screen function without touching the board surface for pressure sensing operation.

5. With Interactive Whiteboard, think of it as simple as a mouse or a touch screen on your phone.

What are the functions of Interactive Whiteboard

1. Basic annotation and drawing functions enable screen marking on any computer interface. The shape of the pen can choose ordinary pen, writing brush and brush. The color of the marker pen can be set at will, the marking content can be erased with electronic rubber at any time, and the marking content can be saved and printed at any time;

2. Mouse function, electronic pen tip is equivalent to the left mouse button, pen body button is equivalent to the right mouse button. Use electronic pen to achieve mouse click, double click, select, drag, right click and other functions;

3. Interactive Whiteboard content recovery and update function.

4. Auxiliary tools: Directly use the board quick toolbar to achieve screen content enlargement, spotlight, screen snapshot, view board book, screen calibration, and call computer applications or access the set webpage at any time.

5. With screen capture, layer technology, graphics editing functions; Change static graphics into dynamic, more vivid and intuitive. Can also replay the operation content, improve the teaching level and quality.

6. Unlimited page writing function; Teachers can use Interactive Whiteboard as a blackboard, but technology, more efficient. Moreover, teachers can open various files in advance through Interactive Whiteboard, instead of copying the blackboard word by word, which can improve the teaching speed and increase the classroom vitality.

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